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Real World VR, is Melbourne’s flagship XR-VR/AR/MR event and presents a series of high-quality XR -virtual, augmented & mixed reality events & festivals. Genres include VR filmmaking, VR/AR production, VR sound, music & education, VR animation, VR/AR MR arts and VR gaming. Real World VR manages and collaborates with MIFF VR, Ballarat Tech School and Transitions Film Festival VR.

Having gained a following since launching in 2016, the event showcases some of the most inspiring social enterprise & impact driven leaders working with new technologies in Australia.

Previous guests have included Oculus, HTC, Opaque Media, Zero Latency, Facebook, Google, Bob Brown Foundation, Marc-O-Matic, VRTOV, ABC, SBS VR, Start VR, MIFF VR, Film Victoria, Jumpgate, Humense, Staples VR, Transitions Film Festival, Melbourne University, NSW University, Ballarat Tech School & many more award winning filmmakers & producers.

The events include a speakers forum, Q&A, panel, equipment demonstrations, VR showcase, live performance & networking.

We facilitate engage, support, educate, influence, promote, connect and inspire audiences, enthusiasts, industry, developers, producers, filmmakers, animators and the XR-VR/AR/MR community to form collaborative partnerships, find employment, form business partnerships and work on each others’ projects.

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Real World VR, founded in March 2016, brings together some of the industries most respected speakers in their field. The audience attracts developers, start-ups, enthusiasts and commercial industry.

Find out about the current uses of XR – virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and commercial applications, connect and network with like-minded individuals.

We meet every second month on a Tuesday evening at Loop Project Space & Bar. The night includes a Q&A forum, virtual, augmented or mixed reality experiences using Samsung headsets in the front room and HTC Vive or Oculus Rift demos in the back room on large format screens. We often host live demonstrations and room scale experiences.

The event is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions or experience XR-VR/AR/MR (Virtual Reality) and 360 video for themselves.

Each session will look at a specific industry and how VR can be applied to that industry in the commercial environment. The idea is to engage developers and commercial industry and grow the XR-VR/AR/MR community. Sessions include: Film & Production, MIFF VR, VR + Positive Change, Music/The Arts, Gaming, Education & more.

Upcoming Events

VR + Positive Change: Real World VR & Transitions Film Festival

Join Transitions Film Festival and Real World VR for a special panel, Q&A, five VR film showcase, room scale VR and beta launch. We will discuss topics ranging from preserving indigenous languages, future technologies, disruption, poverty, rising sea levels and our oceans, conservation, rainforests and more.

– Thomas Kinsman – Australian Conservation Foundation “Daintree: A Nature Legacy”
– Helen Nias – “Save Sydney”
– Joel De Ross – Rock Against Poverty / Metavents
– Moderator – Leah Bunny

– Daintree: A Nature Legacy – Australian Conservation Foundation
– A Thin Black Line – VRTOV
– Uku360 – Cassie De Colling
– Save Sydney (HTC Vive Room Scale Experience) – Helen NIas & Kelsey Shanahan
– Metavents (Beta launch) – Rock Against Poverty

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Thomas is a multimedia designer working on changing the environmental and political landscapes as well as creating impact awareness of conservation for the Australian Conservation Foundation. His latest immersive experience ‘Daintree: A Nature Legacy’ was created for a campaign towards stronger nature laws in Australia.

Helen Nias is a digital communications and marketing professional, producer of short films & designer of virtual reality room scale experiences. Her motivation is to try and understand more about the world we live in and the minds we inhabit.

Joel currently leads the technology strategy for Vihara Foundation and Rock Against Poverty, a charity event initiative comprising of 50 charity events in 25 countries, with a target to raise $1 billion annually for disaster mitigation and poverty alleviation projects.



DAINTREE: A NATURE LEGACY – Australian Conservation Foundation
Take an intimate journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Daintree while listening to the story of the forest’s indisputable importance to Australia and the world, as the oldest surviving tropical rainforest on earth. Narrated by scientist, politician and environmental campaigner, Mike Berwick, this visually stunning and inspiring experience recounts one of the greatest ecological battles ever fought in Australia’s history when the Daintree came disastrously close to destruction. This immersive and emotional story highlights the need for a new generation of national laws. Because we need laws that protect life, not allow it to be destroyed.

For young Patima, the war had always seemed a distant threat. But when the bombs reach her hometown, she is forced to flee; leaving her father behind.
The bombing of Darwin in 1942 was the first and largest aerial attack on mainland Australia during the Second World War. As bombers strafed the lightly defended city, nearly half the civilian population fled southwards in the belief a Japanese invasion was imminent. Amongst them was Indigenous filmmaker Douglas Watkin’s mother, just five-years old at the time. An animated documentary in interactive real-time Virtual Reality, A Thin Black Line invites the audience to step into a pivotal event in the history of one family, and a nation, as seen by a young child. Directed by ATOM award-winner Douglas Watkin, with art by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee and produced by award-winning VR studio VRTOV, A Thin Black Line tells the story of a family’s struggle to stay together in the face of war.

UKU360 – Cassie De Colling 
Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure and share a new perspective of the underwater world. Uku means to dive. Uku360º is a series of 360VR experiences that explores our intrinsic human relationship to the ocean and it’s inhabitants. As humans we have a deep subconscious connection to the ocean. Although it is a place we cannot breath, it is a place many of us are drawn to for different reasons. It is time for us to switch off your mind and connect with some of the world’s most majestic animals.

SAVE SYDNEY (Room Scale Experience – Helen Nias & Kelsey Shanahan 
One of the problems with getting people to care about climate change is that we can’t immediately see the negative effects of our lifestyle choices. SAVE SYDNEY is an interactive room-scale VR game, which simplifies the effects of climate change and sea level rise in order to show that our choices do make a difference to the future of the planet. The game a collaboration between Helen Nias and Design Director & Strategist Kelsey Shanahan. They developed SAVE SYDNEY during Academy Xi’s VR Design course (now Mixed Reality Design) which encouraged students to focus on intuitive, ‘native-VR’ designs and seamless onboarding.

Metavents have developed a platform that allows for remote, real-time project planning using 3D VR visualisation and simulation.

More VR films showcased on the night.
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Panel + Q&A
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM Virtual reality film showcase + networking

Real World VR would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Tribe people as the traditional owners of the land.







Loop Project Space & Bar
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
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Real World VR would like to thank Film Victoria, Reality Reload, Loop Project Space & Bar and Kaiju Beer for their support.

Real World VR would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Tribe people as the traditional owners of the land.

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