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Real World VR, is Melbourne’s flagship XR-VR/AR/MR event and presents a series of high-quality XR -virtual, augmented & mixed reality events & festivals. Genres include VR filmmaking, VR/AR production, VR sound, music & education, VR animation, VR/AR MR arts and VR gaming. Real World VR manages and collaborates with MIFF VR, Ballarat Tech School and Transitions Film Festival VR.

Having gained a following since launching in 2016, the event showcases some of the most inspiring social enterprise & impact driven leaders working with new technologies in Australia.

Previous guests have included Oculus, HTC, Opaque Media, Zero Latency, Facebook, Google, Bob Brown Foundation, Marc-O-Matic, VRTOV, ABC, SBS VR, Start VR, MIFF VR, Film Victoria, Jumpgate, Humense, Staples VR, Transitions Film Festival, Melbourne University, NSW University, Ballarat Tech School & many more award winning filmmakers & producers.

The events include a speakers forum, Q&A, panel, equipment demonstrations, VR showcase, live performance & networking.

We facilitate engage, support, educate, influence, promote, connect and inspire audiences, enthusiasts, industry, developers, producers, filmmakers, animators and the XR-VR/AR/MR community to form collaborative partnerships, find employment, form business partnerships and work on each others’ projects.

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Real World VR, founded in March 2016, brings together some of the industries most respected speakers in their field. The audience attracts developers, start-ups, enthusiasts and commercial industry.

Find out about the current uses of XR – virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and commercial applications, connect and network with like-minded individuals.

We meet quarterly on a Tuesday evening at Loop Project Space & Bar. The night includes a panel + Q&A, virtual, augmented or mixed reality experiences using the latest headsets and immersive works showcased in the back room on large format screens. We often host live demonstrations and room-scale experiences.

The event is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions or experience XR-VR/AR/MR (Virtual Reality) and 360 video for themselves.

Each session will look at a specific industry and how VR can be applied to that industry in the commercial environment. The idea is to engage developers and commercial industry and grow the XR-VR/AR/MR community. Sessions include Film & Production, MIFF VR, VR + TFF- Positive Change, Music/The Arts, Gaming, Education & more.

Upcoming Events

Real World VR
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Virtual, Immersive Art, Mixed Reality & Filmmaking Session #21

Real World VR is one of Melbourne’s flagship XR-VR/AR/MR events. The event showcases some of the most inspiring leaders working with new technologies in Australia. Real World VR will host an end of year party to celebrate the XR-VR/AR/MR industry, a night of talks, panels, virtual reality film demonstrations, networking & nibbles.


Michael Beets’s is an award-winning director. His virtual reality projects, music videos, and films have been screened at festivals around the world including Venice Film Festival, Cannes, Busan, Toronto International Film Festival, and the Melbourne International Film Festival. In 2018 his interactive VR work titled ‘The Unknown Patient’ was nominated for two awards at the 75th Venice Film Festival and won the VR Award at the Adelaide Film Festival. He also won audience choice award for his music video Gordi: Bitter End at the St. Kilda Film Festival. Michael was also nominated for a 2019 ADG award for best direction in an immersive experience.

Cy is an internationally published music producer, experimental filmmaker, interdisciplinary researcher, sound and lighting/video designer & storyteller. He is currently designing subjects for the RMIT Digital Media program focusing on 360 video production for VR. As a creative artist are sound and colour data, the body, the voice, cameras & audiovisual/design software & data sets. Cy is increasingly focused on visual programming integrated colour and sound design, performance and therapy using sonochromatic theory and practice.

Fashion Education & Fashion Media Producer at Anatomy VR / PHD- RMIT / Finalist in the PPC Imaginarium Awards.

Nirma’s immersive work “Azimuth as a term is derived from medieval Arabic meaning ‘the direction’ and denoting a measurement in a spherical system of 3D space. Azimuth suggests the virtual, 360 VR environment for which the concept will be designed. As a product of modernism, Brutalism is an architectural style with concrete as its main element. Concrete is not only the material, but it is also foregrounded aesthetically. The short film proposes imaging style and beauty in a Brutalist architecture and to fuse it with performances of fashion in order to propose an Afro-futurist identity,”

More speakers to be announced.



6:00 pm: Doors open
6:45 pm: Overview
7.00 pm – 8:15 pm: Panel
8.15 pm – late: Demos, 
Networking / Drinks / Music – DJ/ Licenced Bar

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Loop Project Space & Bar
23 Meyers Place Melbourne (CBD)

Loop Project Space & Bar is a safe space and supports, not for profits, The arts, film, music and community. One of Melbourne’s most atmospheric and iconic venues with an exceptional menu, wine & cocktail list & a large range of craft beers.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.
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Loop Project Space & Bar
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
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Real World VR would like to thank Film Victoria, Reality Reload, Loop Project Space & Bar and Kaiju Beer for their support.

Real World VR would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Tribe people as the traditional owners of the land.

Real World VR Melbourne Virtual Reality Event