#19 Real World VR – Virtual Reality Film/Gaming Panel + Demos

Real World VR is one of Melbourne’s flagship XR-VR/AR/MR events. The event showcases some of the most inspiring leaders working with new technologies in Australia. This session, we discuss virtual reality filmmaking, gaming & AR simulation. Includes demos and networking + Kaiju Beer specials.

– Dr Michael Kuiper, Biomolecular Modeller – CSIRO Data61 Lab
– Nicholas McDonnell – Managing Director – Samurai Punk (gaming studio)
– Jess O’Farrell – VR Creative Director
– VR Arcade
– Leah Bunny – Moderator


– Experience “Nanome” virtual reality from CSIRO Data61 on the HTC Vive. (The future of molecular design and exploration).
– Experience “American Dream” by game studio Samurai Punk on the HTC Vive.


Dr Michael Kuiper, Biomolecular Modeller – CSIRO Data61 Lab
Michael is a computational biomolecular modeller currently working in the Molecular & Materials Modelling group at Data61 of CSIRO, specializing in molecular simulations. By visualizing and modelling the molecules of life through computer simulations, researchers gain deeper insights into health and disease. Prior to joining the MMM team, Michael worked at the Victorian Life Science Computation Initiative (VLSCI) supporting medical research as well as participating five seasons with the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) based in McMurdo and Palmer stations researching antifreeze proteins, (or why some fish don’t freeze).

Specific interests include augmented reality visualisation of biomolecular complexes, virtual reality, 3D printing and drone remote sensing and mapping. Dr. Michael will discuss their Augmented Reality and Virtual reality work of molecular structures currently exhibiting at MKW.


Nicholas McDonnell (Managing Director) – Samurai Punk
Samurai Punk is a leading virtual reality gaming studio based in Melbourne. Games include Hazumino, Screencheat, Feather, Roombo, First Blood, The American Dream, Table of Tales as well as a new serious games VR project in collaboration with the Sony Foundation.


Jess O’Farrell – VR Creative Director
Jess is a creative producer working with traditional video, including scripted live action, documentary, music video, animation, and VR and passionate about social impact. Jess has worked with Studio Bento (Rone), Carben Creative, Gen C, Wildebeest, Oh Yeah Wow & The Royals.

VR works include “VR Panel Assets”, ‘Workforce Pus VR” aimed at supporting vulnerable youth to find pathways for work and “Disruption VR” for the City of Melbourne (viewed through the perspective of three characters as they encounter a scene of congestion and disruption in the city).


+ Virtual Reality HTC Vive Experiences:
Experience “Nanome” virtual reality from CSIRO Data61 on the HTC Vive.
Experience “American Dream” by game studio Samurai Punk on the HTC Vive.

Previous guests have included Oculus/Facebook, HTC, Opaque Media, Zero Latency, Facebook, Google, Bob Brown Foundation, Australian Conservation Foundation, Marc-O-Matic, VRTOV, ABC, SBS VR, Start VR, MIFF VR, Film Victoria, Jumpgate, Humense, Staples VR, Phoria, PLOT Media, Transitions Film Festival, Melbourne University, NSW University, Ballarat Tech School & numerous award-winning filmmakers & producers.

Supported by HTC Vive, Staples VR, Loop Project Space & Bar & Kaiju Beer

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