Real World VR

Real World VR, is Melbourne’s flagship VR/AR/MR event and presents a series of high-quality virtual, augmented & mixed reality events on a bi-monthly basis. Genres include VR filmmaking, VR/AR production, VR sound, music & education, VR animation, VR/AR MR the arts and VR gaming.

The events include a speakers forum, Q&A, panel, equipment demonstrations, VR showcase, live performance & networking. We facilitate engage, support, educate, influence, promote, connect and inspire audiences, enthusiasts, industry, developers, producers, filmmakers, animators and the VR/AR/MR community / industry.

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Real World VR, founded in March 2016, brings together some of the industries most respected speakers in their field. The audience attracts developers, start-ups, enthusiasts and commercial industry.

Find out about the current uses of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and commercial applications, connect and network with like-minded individuals.

We meet every second month on a Tuesday evening at Loop Project Space & Bar. The night includes a Q&A forum, virtual, augmented or mixed reality experiences using Google Cardboard & Samsung headsets in the front room and HTC Vive or Oculus Rift demos in the back room on large format screens. We often host live demonstrations.

The event is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions or experience VR / AR/ MR (Virtual Reality) and 360 video for themselves.

Each session will look at a specific industry and how VR can be applied to that industry in the commercial environment. The idea is to engage developers and commercial industry and grow the VR / AR / MR community. Sessions include: Film & Production, Music, The Arts, Gaming, Simulation Training & Education & more.

Event starts from 6.30pm – 11pm (Doors open at 6.00pm)
Speakers from 6.45pm – 8.30pm (Forum, Q&A)
VR Demos from 8.30pm – 10pm (networking opportunities and VR demos).

Upcoming Events


VR FOR POSITIVE CHANGE (VR film showcase, panel & forum)

Supported by Film Victoria, Reality Reload and Kaiju Beer

Real World VR is Melbourne’s flagship VR/AR/MR event and presents a series of high quality virtual, augmented and mixed reality events on a bi-monthly basis.

Featuring talks, panel discussions, and VR demos, this month’s event explores the potential of these cutting-edge technologies to create positive change in the world.



DOORS OPEN at 5pm for the VR Showcase/networking/drinks.

SPEAKERS: 7.00pm

Campaign Manager – Melbourne

Emma has a breadth of Community Organising experience working across a variety of campaigns and programs for peak environmental NGO’s such as the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society. Emma’s work with the Bob Brown Foundation focuses on galvanising support and building momentum for the protection of takyana/Tarkine in Tasmania’s North West, from Melbourne. The Foundation has recently embarked upon the use of VR technology to enable supporters to connect with takyana/Tarkine, one of the last great wild places left on Earth. It is currently under threat for rainforest logging, mining and off road vehicles. Hear how you can join the campaign to protect this special place as a World Heritage listed National Park including return to Aboriginal Ownership.

Virtual Tarkine VR Emma Wasson The Bob Brown Foundation


PANEL + Q&A : 7:30pm – 8:30pm

We will host a panel disscussion and Q&A session with a selection of Virtual Reality filmmakers and changemakers on the topic; positive chage. Panelists include Ahmed Salama Co Founder of That Start Up Show (VR film on empathy).


We will have a selection of 360/VR films for you to view, demos are one film per person.
Meet Virtual reality filmaker enthusiasts, filmmakers panelists and speakers. Films include In The Presence of Animals, Network Rail & Virtual Tarkine).


(Must pre-book)
5:00pm Session / 6:00pm Session / 8.30pm Session

Experience a selection of virtual reality (VR) films hand selected from Transitions Film Festival . VR Sessions are 45 minutes duration and must be pre-booked on Eventbrite (limited numbers so book early).


– Chasing Coral: The VR Experience (USA, 2017), Director: Jeff Orlowski
– Virtual Tarkine: The Bob Brown Foundation
– The Crystal Reef: Co-Director Cody Karutz & Produced by Virtual Human Interaction Lab.
– Remain At Home: Director – Gero A.E Egger, Go Pictures

Chasing Coral VR Real World VR

 – Following Chasing Ice, US filmmaker Jeff Orlowski returns with the underwater VR experience Chasing Coral: The VR Experience, which follows scuba diver and researcher Zackary Rago as he documents the unprecedented 2016 coral bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Virtual Tarkine tasmania The Bob Brown Foundation at Real World Vr & Transitions Film Festival

VIRTUAL TARKINE – Enter the world of Australia’s largest remaining cool temperate rainforest: Tasmania’s Tarkine.
Delve into the wild windswept beaches, extensive buttongrass plains and pristine wild rivers. This VR experience will take your breath away.

The Crystal Reef VR

THE CRYSTAL REEF – Director – Cody Karutz. A rocky reef off the coast of Italy demonstrates the future of climate change. Meet Dr. Fio Micheli, the marine scientist who studies this reef, and dive underwater with her to learn about ocean acidification and how human-produced carbon dioxide will turn all the world’s oceans into what scientists are calling “the ocean moonscape.”

Remain at home VR Real world VR Transitions Film Festival Selection

REMAIN AT HOME – Director – Gero A.E Egger, Go Pictures. The viewer slips into the role of altruistic grandmother “Zahira” who needs to convince her grandson “Mahmud” and his family to abandon their home and escape the war, despite the heart-wrenching realization that they might not make it if she accompanies them…



Speaker, Panel + Q&A, large-format screens, demos and networking on Samsung Gear VR / Google Cardboard, VR Showcase (VR Film Package 45 minute duration of three sessions – must pre-book).


$8 Entry
$15 Entry + VR Showcase Package, part of the Transitions Film Festival VR Sessions.
Includes VR films: – (Virtual Tarkine: The Bob Brown Foundation, Chasing Coral: The VR Experience (USA, 2017), Director: Jeff Orlowski, The Crystal Reef: Co-Director Cody Karutz & Produced by Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Remain At Home: Director – Gero A.E Egger, Go Pictures).



We look forward to seeing you on the night
Thank you.


Real World Vr Transitions Film Festival Showcase